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From (US to Paris, France) - and all over the world - I’m a humble new artist from the United States that has a unedited sound and voice like no other electronic artist. Although a new artist but not new in the record business. I’m also a record producer with big titles under my belt spanning 10 years with artists like Beyonce,Rick Ross,Lil Wayne, just to name a few. I started my passion of becoming a unlimited rap hip hop electric artist 3 years ago. Bloger Quote: Armed with many anthems for throwing up your hands, feeling cool and carefree, Veeno drops new singles "Ferrari, Rehab & Booty Fight" from the ''DYNAMOS'' max ep It's an ode of sorts to anyone who's ever felt different and never fit in with the crowd. Teaming up with rising French platinum producer Alawn, this upstart shows how his sound combined with the complexities of the production - mesh perfectly. "I was told by DJ,Platinum Producer A-Track that in the electronic and rap music world, no one has a sound even close to my sound. Not only my voice, but my voice combined with Alawn's production," Veeno explained. "I decided to boldly express my creative self…just because you’re considered weird or different doesn’t make you weak or an outcast, you’r only human.”